Bathroom Video Of Ghanaian Lesbian Soldiers Getting Cozy Hits Online..

Bathroom Video Of Ghanaian Lesbian Soldiers Getting Cozy Hits Online

A few weeks ago photos and videos from a secret lesbian wedding which took place right here in Ghana went viral on all social media platforms.

What made the news spread like wildfire was the fact that, the couple wore a military uniform. It turned out one of them is actually a military woman and the other a civilian.

A couple of weeks after the military lady was arrested and facing court-martial, a bathroom video of the romantic couple enjoying themselves has surfaced on social media.

In the video, the couple was naked and being bathed by each other in a romantic way. They took turns rubbing their cookies as they enjoy each other’s company like true lovers.

Judging from their facial expressions, they were well aware a camera was in the bathroom recording them. In fact, it’s obvious they placed the camera in the bathroom to watch themselves.

After they finished bathing and enjoying each other, they washed each other down sexily and went about their business with no care in the world.

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