After giving us PHLOWDUCATION 1 almost 3 years ago which features the likes of Edem, Reggie Rockstone, Worlasi etc etc. former Spider Lee Entertainment Signee, exceptional, easygoing, creative and exuberant multi-talented rapper Teephlow is set to release yet another ground breaking (Album) PHLOWDUCATION 2

In a social media post few days ago, the rapper has announced that, he will be releasing volume 2 of the PHLOWDUCATION (Album). On a flyer he posted on IG, Teephlow has talked about some key elements the previous album has added to his career as a rapper.

This album is a dedication to his day ones and current fan base…

“Phlowducation started a revelation and put me on a journey to redefine lyricism. It is only right I bring it back home to where it all started. This album is for my day ones and the newbies. Get ready to journey with me. Phlowducation 2 is on the way.”

Below is a screenshot of what he posted on IG.


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